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Veining and Variation in Natural Stone

Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone tile is known for its unique and beautiful veining. Variation in movement and color is inherent in natural material and is not considered a flaw. You may choose to blend the veining at random or create a cohesive look. We strongly recommend doing a dry layout before installation to blend variations. Installers should do a dry layout and get it approved by the owner. A photo of the approved layout should then be taken so that they have a visual for installation. No claims will be accepted after the product is installed.

New GENROSE Service offered at our Middletown location!


For orders of 30 - 200 sq. ft., GENROSE Stone + Tile offers a Dry Layout service at $2.50/sq. ft. We will lay out the stone for your approval so that you can see what the final installation could look like.  Once the material is on the jobsite, it is recommended that the installer lay the stone out again for final approval prior to installation.


A product of Mother Nature, each piece of natural stone is completely unique. Since coloring and veining can vary dramatically, it’s best to view full slabs of the material you’re interested in purchasing. By doing this, you will not only discover the piece that speaks most to you, but you will also get the full picture of what your stone offers in terms of veining, shading, and coloring.

If you’ve ever visited a stone/tile showroom, you may have seen sample boards showcasing smaller color swatches of different stones. While this is a nice and compact way to present an idea of what different stones look like, it’s still best to ask if you can see a full slab (whether in person or simply in a photo). By doing this, you will protect yourself against any surprises at installation time!

Just to give you a visual, check out these photos.

Pictured above are two very different slabs of Statuario Marble. As you can see, the slab on the left is much softer, with subtle, smoky grey veining. The slab on the right is bold and dramatic with thick dark grey veins. 

Here’s a perfect reason to ask to see the full slab.
Shown above: Eastern White Marble slab with a sample area that is selected from a more neutral area of the stone, thus not showing the true veining of the particular slab it was cut from.