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Thin Porcelain


The slabs are loaded on a bridge saw, that was previously equipped with a porcelain diamond blade, and cut to shape into individual pieces. At this stage, the slabs still have the material for the aprons attached, to allow for book - matching of the veins from the surface of the counter into the front apron.


The individual pieces are mitred  using a special mitring saw. The aprons are detached from the   main pieces.


All pieces that need holes or cut-outs are moved to the water-jet cutting machine, where they get re-cut using a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive.

Laminating and Finishing

All aprons are laminated to their correspondent piece. Pieces are checked and re-finished where and when needed. At the end of this stage, all pieces are ready to be delivered and installed.



Abrasive Waterjet Cutter