Curve Ceramic Tile
Curve - 12x40 Wave Deco in Grey and 24x24 Scored Field Tile in Pampa
Curve Ceramic Tile Curve Ceramic Tile Curve Ceramic Tile


Curve is available in ceramic tile patterns, 3D wall wave deco tile, scored field tile and a mosaic. Unique patterned floor tiles and patterned wall tiles combined with the different Curve tile options, allow you to build a distinctive personal look in any space. The decorative textured wall tile combined and the decorative floor tile coordinate beautifully with the tile mosaic. These patterned bathroom floor tiles have Curve appeal.


12x40 Wall Tile* (Ivory, Grey)
**Pampa and Goana Wall Deco
24x24 Scored Field Tile**
12x40 Wall Wave Deco* (Ivory, Grey)  

1x1 Mosaic** (Ivory, Grey)  



.6x12 Quartino* (Ivory, Grey)

*In Stock

**Special Order

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Stock Availability

Wall Tile Ivory Grey Pampa Gaona
12x40 Wall Tile N/A N/A
12x40 Wall Deco  N/A  N/A Ø Ø
12x40 Wave Deco N/A N/A
.6x12 Quartino N/A N/A
1x1 Mosaic Ø Ø N/A N/A


Floor Tile White Anthracite Almirante Boedo Crespo Gaona Pampa Telmo
24x24 Scored Field Tile Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

√ = In Stock   Ø = Special Order   N/A = Not Available