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Milano FA Porcelain Slabs
Milano - Thunder Night FA
Milano FA Porcelain Slabs Milano FA Porcelain Slabs


Milano FA porcelain slab is the go-to choice for homeowners who like the look of natural stone without the sealing and extra care it involves. Milano FA combines minimal maintenance with ultimate durability.

Special Order


Polished 6mm Slab 126"x63"  |  48"x111"      

Matte 6mm Slab 126"x63"  |  48"x111"      

Polished 6mm 63"x63"  |  48"x48"      
24"x48"  |  32"x32"      

Matte 6mm 63"x63"  |  48"x48"      
24"x48"  |  32"x32"      

Polished 10mm 32"x71"  |  32"x32"  |  24"x48"      
12"x48"  |  24"x24"  |  12"x24"      

Matte 10mm 32"x71"  |  32"x32"  |  24"x48"      
12"x48"  |  24"x24"  |  12"x24"      


Colors shown may vary from actual product. All sizes are nominal.
Size availability may change, please contact your sales representative.


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