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Spirit Ink

Size: 47.0625"x109.4375"(119.5x278cm)
Thickness: 6mm

Material: Color Body Porcelain
Type: Wall Decorative
Finish: Matte
Color: Ink
Nominal Size:
Availability: Special Order
Suggested Grout: Laticrete Raven
For ordinary cleaning, avoid abrasive products that could damage the surface. Cleaning with a soft cloth and neutral PH products is recommended to avoid dulling or scratching.


  • Interior Floor
  • Interior Wall
  • Exterior Floor
  • Exterior Wall
  • Exterior Paver

Product Info

PEI Rating:



Other Info:
Recycled Content: 20% Excluding Candle, Glare and Decos. This product will contribute to USGBC registered LEED projects. It will also contribute to the ANSI approved NAHB Green Building Standard ICC 70. Low Emissions Material - Zero VOC

Recommended Installation Instructions

When laying the material it is recommended not to use mechanical leveling systems, which could cause damage to the surface when removed. Before grouting wall decos, it is advised to protect the surface in the parts near the edge with masking tape. Cement-based, not epoxy-based, grouts must be used. Immediately after grouting, remove any residues with water and a soft cloth, without using abrasive sponges.

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